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Free State Province Projects

Free State Province Projects

1) Motsheo Trust- Nkapeseng Sewing Project

Motsheo Trust woman sewingMotsheo Trust sewing machineMotsheo Trust ladies

The sewing project is situated in the town of Welkom and it forms part of Motsheo Trust. Motsheo Trust was established in 1999 with 4 500 members all around the Free State. The members sell their clothes to their communities and sew uniforms for schools and industrial firms.

Mpumalanga Province Projects

Mpumalanga Province Projects

1) Thandokuhle Beekeeping

Thandokuhle Beekeeping1Thandokuhle honeyThandokuhle extracting honey

The enterprise is situated in Mkhondo Local Municipality in Mpumalanga with 5 members working in it. It is a beekeeping enterprise which produces honey from the bees, polish and candles from the beeswax.

2)  Vukuzakhe Garden

Vukuzakhe cabbagesVukuzakhe vegetablesVukuzakhe gardens

The enterprise is situated in Mkhondo Local Municipality with 12 members in the group. The enterprise produces vegetables from their garden and sells to the community.

3)  Rehlakile Beads

Rehlakile beaded matsRehlakile traditional beadworkRehalakile beads

A crafts, necklaces, bangles, dolls, bags, crafts, belts, decor items, pinafores, pillow cases, placemats, etc. enterprise based in Dr JS Moroka Local Municipality, Mpumalanga. The enterprise was established in the year 2008 and comprises of 21 members.

5)  Lomtfombi Sewing

Lomtfombi sewing projectLomtfombi woman sewingLomtfombi woman with sewing machineLomtfombi women sewing projectLomtfombi sewing

Enterprise is situated in the Albert Luthuli Local Municipality and is co-financed with Eqstra/MCC. The enterprise was established in 2010 comprising of 8 women members that sew bed linen, protective clothing and school uniform. 6)  Nhlambamasoka Brick Making Enterprise is situated within the Mkhondo Local Municipality district. The main product the enterprise produces is bricks. The enterprise was formed in 2008 by 7 members.

KwaZulu Natal Province Projects

KwaZulu Natal Province Projects


1)  Muthande Society for the Aged

Muthande woman sewingMuthande society for the agedMuthande sewing project

Sewing enterprise situated in Lamontville eThekwini Municipality, KwaZulu Natal. The enterprise was established in 1999 and consists of 3 members working in it; they sew for different organisations and work wear.

2)  Amaciko AbaQulusi Poultry

Amaciko poultryAmaciko chickensAmaciko

Enterprise is situated in AbaQulusi Local Municipality in KwaZulu Natal. The enterprise was established in 2006 and is a poultry project that grows and sells broiler chicken.

3)  Thulasibone Piggery

Piggery 1Thulasibone resting pigThulasibone piggery


The enterprise is situated in Mthashane in eDumbe Local Municipality KwaZulu Natal and consists of 6 members. The enterprise was established in 2006, they grow and sell pigs for meat production and also they have a vegetable garden.

4)  Ngenangesihle Sewing Project

The enterprise is situated in the Nongoma Local Municipality district. The enterprise was established in 2005 and comprises of 12 members. Their core business is sewing and beadwork.

North West Province Projects

North West Province Projects

1) Ipopeng Crafts

Ipopeng wire basket weavingIpopeng wire basketsIpopeng women at workIpopeng womenIpopeng crafts

The enterprise comprises of 14 women from the Madibeng Local Municipality in the North West province. The enterprise was established in 2004. They produce wire baskets, crafts, cups, dishes, wall mats and artificial flowers.

2)  Ikgodiseng Sewing

Ikgodiseng ladies sewingIkgodiseng sewing uniforms project, Nozala TrustIkgodiseng sewing projectIkgodiseng sewing threadsIkgodiseng uniforms

The enterprise is situated in the Ruth Segomotsi Mompati Local Municipality. The enterprise was established in 1993. It consists of 7 members and their core business is sewing.

3)  Women Fusion in Sewing

Reflector clothing projectWork uniform projectReflective work uniformReflective work shirtWomen Fusion in sewing

Enterprise is situated in the Madibeng Local Municipality region and is co-financed by Eqstra/MCC. The enterprise was established in 2012. There are 4 women that work together to produce school uniforms, linen, work wear and other clothing.